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Doing IT. And doing it well.

Leading Information Management Consultancy, providing complete customized end-to-end Information Management solutions.

Extelligence was established in Prague, Czech Republic in 2011 with the aim of providing complete customized end-to-end information management solutions. From being a small consultancy agency specializing in one area, the company has grown to successfully build and  develop a large portfolio of specializations and services in different industries using a large variety of technologies. Primarily focused on the hospitality, logistics, telecoms, finance, lifestyle and healthcare industries, we provide complete services in the information management fields of system architecture, security, cloud services and program management.

Today, Extelligence is a well-renowned information management consultancy in Europe, with offices located in Prague, London and Bucharest. Our dynamic young team operates all over the region and continues to expand rapidly. We continually invest in innovation and expertise in order to ensure that we deliver performance of the highest standards in the market by incorporating new technologies and methodologies as they rise.

Celebrating 10 years !

We started with few and now we are many, not only in numbers but in talent and creativity. In these 10 years we have,

  • Made big and small mistakes along the journey, but learnt from each one of them, and grew stronger together
  • Realized that its not always easy, but it is no fun when it is
  • Did things we never knew we could
  • Understood the real meaning of dedication and professionalism
  • People can become quite remarkable when they start believing
  • Work is important, but not more important than love, health and family

We take this opportunity to thank each one who
has been or is a partner with Extelligence, our work colleagues, our customers and our suppliers. We
appreciate and treasure the times shared, and we look forward to the next 10 years!

Throughout the years

Our barbecues are known to be delicious!

At least once a year during summer we try to meet each other in person and organize barbecues and other events.

We cook Czech, Pakistani, Romanian, Russian, Greek food and others, sharing what we know best about our cuisines. Nobody has ever complained about the selection!


We’ve grown to be a moderately sized company while also having a sense of familiarity. Many of our events are open to the family, we meet each other’s loved ones and get to know the team better.

This helps us stay united, communicative and create bridges between people


We’ve enjoyed sporting activities, met up to bike around Prague, ride up and down the river, taking advantage of Prague’s scenic routes.