About us

Přední konzultační společnost v oblasti informačního managementu, poskytující kompletní řešení pro správu informací.

Společnost Extelligence byla založena v Praze v České republice v roce 2011 s cílem poskytnout kompletní řešení pro správu informací na míru. Od malé poradenské agentury specializující se na jednu oblast se společnost rozrostla, a úspěšně vybudovala a vyvinula rozsáhlé portfolio specializací a služeb v různých průmyslových odvětvích s využitím široké škály technologií. Zaměřujeme se především na odvětví pohostinství, logistiky, telekomunikací, financí, životního stylu a zdravotnictví, poskytujeme komplexní služby v oblasti správy informací v oblasti systémové architektury, zabezpečení, cloudových služeb a správy programů.

Today, Extelligence is a well-renowned information management consultancy in Europe, with offices located in Prague, London and Bucharest. Our dynamic young team operates all over the region and continues to expand rapidly. We continually invest in innovation and expertise in order to ensure that we deliver performance of the highest standards in the market by incorporating new technologies and methodologies as they rise.

Our leadership

Khalid Pervez


With over 30 years experience of working in the IT Sector, Khalid has worked at all levels of management whilst gaining experience both in large corporations and small consultancies. As founder of Extelligence since 2011, Khalid has successfully directed the organization to ensure we provide the excellence to our clients. Extelligence has gained steady growth during the last 10 years as has our reputation to provide services that match expectation.

Ilana Bracale

Executive Director

Ilana has been working for Extelligence over 3 years now. She has working experience in the IT Sector for over a decade, contributing to companies in the list of the technology Fortune 500 and their global teams in Latin America, North America, and EMEA. She has experience in Portfolio & Program Management, People & Process Management, Vendor Management, Security Operations Consultancy, and Organizational Transition and Transformation. She has a background degree in Information Technology, and currently is finishing her Masters in Computer Science and International Business.

Elena Dobrina

HR Director

Elena has been working for Extelligence since 2018. With a background in Human Relations, she started out as a Resource Manager, helping the company double in size over the next four years. As the HR Director, she oversees hiring and employee relations of all the departments of a company and ensures that they are being managed according to the organization’s standards.

Ovidiu Popa

IT Director

Ovidiu has been part of Extelligence from the very beginning, being one of the first consultants hired. He proved himself as a skilled technical specialist and expanded his expertise into company management where he brings value and direction on all things technical. Ovidiu’s background is Engineering, Product Development and Information Management.

Extelligence throughout the years

Our barbecues are known to be delicious!

At least once a year during summer we try to meet each other in person and organize barbecues and other events.

We cook Czech, Pakistani, Romanian, Russian, Greek food and others, sharing what we know best about our cuisines. Nobody has ever complained about the selection!


We’ve grown to be a moderately sized company while also having a sense of familiarity. Many of our events are open to the family, we meet each other’s loved ones and get to know the team better.

This helps us stay united, communicative and create bridges between people


We’ve enjoyed sporting activities, met up to bike around Prague, ride up and down the river, taking advantage of Prague’s scenic routes.