Data Management

Data Management

“You can have data without information, but you can not have information without data”

With the ever increasing volumes of data we collect on a daily basis, making sense of that data has become a serious influencer of the health of the business, but with mounting volumes of data, managing your data has becomes ever more challenging and a priority.

Data Management requires both the Business and IT to work together to achieve a single goal, to deliver business benefit. Business is generally responsible for Data Governance Policies, Establish and document requirements and Data Analysis, whilst IT is responsible for Data Security policies, Data source identification, segregation and storage. Extelligence has proved itself time and time again in ensuring best practices are followed in each of the these areas, but particularly when it comes to the IT part. 

In our experience, a good data management solution requires the following key areas of work:

  • Translating requirement into a System Requirement statement, i.e. how is the solution to be built, key inputs and outputs.
  • Creating the Architecture, ensuring it is in line with the existing architectures, focusing on security, performance, hosting (Cloud vs Internal), choice of database solutions and data delivery solution.
  • Data Migration (ETL / ELT) – A major part of any information management solution is the data migration tasks, whilst most ETL / ELT tools perform a similar task, costs can vary depending on the usage expected.
  • Data Delivery – More commonly known as Business Intelligence, delivery of information to users, be they internal or external is critical, information has to be delivered in a timely and digestible manner. If data remains the province of the few, then the various roles in the organization (from Sales and Marketing to Finance) are not given the opportunity to improve the business by using data in their In fact, all roles in the organization need to be able to flexibly access and act on data.

Extelligence has delivered a number of projects for large organisation’s ranging from Logistics to Banking and Telecommunications. With our vast experience we can advise on all aspects of Data Management solutions.