Corporate Directory Services – Oracle

Corporate Directory Services – Oracle

Extelligence is an intelligent partner that goes the extra mile. We provide customized information management solutions for major industries. Our team in Prague and Bucharest is working with international companies, transforming, and adding value to their business on a daily basis. We are growing quickly, and we are interested to bring more talented individuals into our team. 

Skills and Experience:

  • Experience & Knowledge of 10+ years in the following aspects of OUD/OVD/OUD-Proxy is required:
    • Complete knowledge on OUD, OUD-Proxy.
    • Replication Setup and Troubleshooting of OUD/OUD-Proxy/OVD.
    • Installation knowledge OUD, OUD-Proxy.
    • Knowledge on MDC setup of OUD.
    • Binary Locations/Logs/RDA/Log Tracing Enablement Procedures.
    • Multi Data Center topology using multi master replication for high availability and Disaster Recovery.
    • Documenting/Applying (CPU/JDK/BP/Patch (one-off) updates).
    • Good Knowledge on Kerberos integration.  
    • Active Directory Knowledge as CDS connects to AD (AD here in architecture holds passwords).
    • Good Hands-on Linux/UNIX & scripting knowledge (WLST/Shell/Kerberos).
    • Knowledge on Ciphers/LB/N/W.
    • Knowledge on password policy, Using “CLI” (Command Line LDAP commands).
    • Oracle Virtual Directory, Key configuration Files.
    • OUDSM console knowledge (DIT/Object Class/Modification of attributes etc.)
    • Creating OUD N/W groups.
    • Certificate Renewal, Keystore troubleshooting.
    • Adhoc Reporting requirement.
    • Backup and Restore strategies, Performance Tuning.
    • Migration OID/OVD to OUD.
    • Import and Export using LDIF’s.
    • Good Knowledge of LDAP tools such as ldapsearch, ldapmodify, JXplorer, Softerra, Apache Studio & complex LDAP queries (Dynamic Queries).
    • Customizing LDAP classes, objects, and schemas.
    • Good Knowledge on WebLogic.

Knowledge & experience of above aspects in similar products such as CA/Symantec Directory can be considered with the candidate willing to learn OUD/OVD/OUD-Proxy.

Working with Extelligence:

  • We take care of the important things that matter to contractors, for example, we guarantee on-time payment for your work. You will never have to chase us for payment.
  • We always seek to have long term relationships with our team and we always seek to offer opportunities to extend cooperation beyond the first contract or project.
  • Extelligence is a multicultural team, we have more than 15 different nationalities working with us.
  • We also organize events to bring our team together including team building activities and social events.
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Remote in EU

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