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We provide complete customized end-to-end information management solutions across major industry sectors, ranging from programme and project management through to development, testing, production support and training.

Information Management

Information management concerns an ongoing cycle to organizational activity that begins with the acquisition of information from varied sources, the management of the information, and the distribution of it to the various parties that need it before the information eventual disposition through archiving or deletion. Needless to say, such organizational activity could be complex and problematic, particularly when many different stakeholders are involved in assuring the quality, accessibility and utility of the acquired information.

The Extelligence team has extensive experience in updating and migrating various different data and systems between different database systems and platforms. Our experts have extensive expertise in the workings of leading market tools to enable processes to be carried out successfully and efficiently.

In order to provide our customer the best solutions, we discuss the consumers’ requirements in detail in advance to fully understand your personal needs. From the many available business intelligence tools, we then recommend the right solution for the job. First and foremost we ensure that our clients’ needs and requirements are met to the highest standards, and that ensure that the licenses and existing architecture that may already be in place is effectively utilized in the formation of the final software solution.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. It is related to cybersecurity, the protection from cyberattacks of internet-connected systems including hardware, software and data. To fully ensure information security, an organization’s systems must all be coordinated and its personnel needs to be trained in working with each specific system.

Nevertheless, cybersecurity evolves and is a large risk in today’s business environment. For this reason, companies need to have a proactive ongoing approach to their risk assessment frameworks, by continuous assessment and monitoring. Nowadays, the new data protection laws enable individuals to request all information that a particular company holds on them, which creates a large threat in regards to information sharing and hacking for organizations particularly when it concerns confidential personnel records.

The process of keeping up with the new technologies, security trends and threat intelligence is extremely complex and challenging. This is where Extelligence can bring you the most value by providing the most advanced, up-to-date services and solutions. Our information security team can provide customized services from consultation to provision of a full-time expert working inside your company. 

Cloud Services

Cloud services are designed to provide easy and scalable access to applications, resources and services, fully managed by cloud service provides such as Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’). A cloud service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users.  The service provider supplies the hardware and software, resulting in a huge decrease in operational and infrastructure costs, whilst increasing the robustness and availability of the service for all users in a global, enterprise-level and secure working environment.  

Extelligence is one of the most foremost partners of AWS in the region and is certified in cloud solutions including architecture design, implementation, operations and development. Our company is able to provide our customers customized services and solutions based on their personal needs such as day-to-day management of AWS, strategic consultancy, and ongoing development and deployment.

Programme Management

Effective programmes enable transformational changes for organizations. They are used to coordinate, direct and oversee implementations of interrelated projects to deliver the best outcomes and benefits.  Programme Management is the overall management of interrelated projects . It provides a layer of governance above specific projects and ensures that they run effectively.

Extelligence offers a range of services and solutions in project and programme management. Our team provides program managers experts for external consulting, quality management, risk management and third-party supplier management